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Arriving at Bourgas Airport

Upon arrival at Bourgas Airport you will find a taxi stand just outside the terminal. While these taxis can take you to Sunny Beach they often charge more than the normal rate and most taxi cab drivers don’t actually know their way around the area at all. To ensure that you get to Sunny Beach the best thing to do is to pre-book your Bourgas transfer to Sunny beach via an Airport company. These companies offer fixed rate taxi services and English speaking drivers so that you can be understood and taken to the destination of your choice.

Sunny Beach is located around 60km north of Bourgas airport and the taxi service will take you directly to Sunny Beach without any stops or delays. Upon arrival the driver will drop you off and will be available to pick you up from your pre-booked hotel. Since Sunny Beach is home to over 500 hotels it is one of the biggest holidays resorts in Bulgaria and is one of the most popular places to visit. A direct transfer from Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach will allow you to be dropped off at the hotel of your choice and you will always have access to your driver in case you have any other destinations to go to.

Since Sunny Beach is located at Bulgaria’s Black sea the coast has a maritime climate, this means that summer time is usually hot and dry. North of Sunny Beach you will find that the combination of mountain and sea air provides a unique climate that is very enjoyable to relax in. The beach features over 8km of beach strip complimented by fine golden sand and a nice park to go alone with it. Additionally, the water is clean and clam without any tides which offer a wonderful beach environment.

So, as soon you arrive at Bourgas Airport be sure to grab a Bourgas taxi to Sunny Beach as it is one of the most popular and enjoyable holiday spots in the country. Of course, pre-booking your airport transfer to Sunny Beach will enable you to have a much smoother trip directly to Sunny Beach with the added luxury of having your own personal driver that is available at all times. Additionally, pre-booking a hotel at Sunny Beach will be a wise choice as although there are over 500 hotels at the resort they are highly in demand and there is a chance you may not be able to get a room upfront so do your research and make relevant bookings beforehand. Another advantage of using pre booked airport taxi service is that you know how much to pay , the price would be fixed and you can plan your budget accordingly. This is important especially if your family is big and unexpected expenses always occur. Usefull information will be given , a detailed map of the area and the most visited sightseeings will be pointed. Your holiday will be as excited as it should be when booking Bourgas Airport Transfer service.

Package Holiday Deals in Bulgaria.

One of the biggest advantages of the package holidays to Bulgaria is that they are quite cheap. If you book flight and accommodation deal would be cheaper than the flight itself. Even for the independent traveller can book a package deal just to get the cheaper flight and it’s not necessary to use the hotel of the tour operator , but to use only the cheaper flight fare.  Using such type of deals for your holiday is a must to book your airport transfer before you arrive to your hotel or destination. Airport taxis would be very expensive as it’s a seasonal business .

One of the most popular beach packages on the Black Sea coast are in Sunny Beach , Golden Sands and Sozopol. The summer season starts from 1st of May and finishes at the end of September, peaking from 20th of July till 18th of August.  There are another options : combine one week on the beach and one week on the mountains. Bulgaria Holidays can arrange this combination only in the Bulgarian resorts. If you’d like to combine coastal holiday in Bulgaria and mountain in Romania the price of your trip will get a bit more expensive. Average prices for a 2 week trip ranges from 180euros per week per person including flights.

Package holidays have of course advantages and disadvantages. The purpose built complexes on the Black Sea Coast are getting more and more , but at the same time the connection with the big cities is  by bus, boat and mini buses which runs every 10-15minutes. Beaches are spotless, coastal water very warm – between 25C-30C very clean and generally safe. Sunny Beach is the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria , followed by Golden Sands. Both resorts are full of hotels , apartment complexes, restaurants, discos , clubs etc.


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